Strain Specific - Non-Cannabis, Botanical Oil Blends - No THC - No CBD - Flavor and Fragrance Oils.

Watermelon Terpenes - Synergy Blend+

Watermelon Terpenes - Synergy Blend+

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Fragrance & Flavor Oils; Strain Specific Profiles: Non-Cannabis, Natural Botanical Oil Blends.

WARNING! Dilute before consuming.

Strain Profile: Indica

Origin: unknown

Description: This terpene has a distinct watermelon flavor with a hint of grape as well as hasty undertones.

Flavor Profile: sweet, flowery, grape

Effects: relaxed, happy, uplifted

Terpene Content: (Ingredients) b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, d-Limonene, Humulene, Bisabolol, Linalool, b-Pinene, a-Pinene, Terpineol